Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cheryl Cole Outfit 2

Megan Fox Outfit 1

Alexa Chung Outfit 1

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Ashley Olsen Outfit 1

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Cheryl Cole Outfit 1

This is just a taster of what is to come, so you can get the jist! Click on the links to see the outfit.

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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Just a test don't worry!


Petite Fashion and You!

Until now, perhaps your petite frame has stopped you from making a bold fashion statement. If this is you then I'm glad you've come to this site! I'm going to start with a few basics. First off is shops. There are millions of them! And they are all aimed at you! Consumerism and marketing are vast psychologies in today's society, and they manage to do a brilliant job.... at making us buy products which aren't suitable for us. If you are a petite woman, then fashion is one of those downfalls, because any old women's fashion store won't be right for me and you. So let's source the good ones out:
Miss Selfridge
Dorothy Perkins
ASOS (As Seen on Stars)
And we can finish there for now. These shops have served me well over the years so a lot of our products we like are going to come from there (hope you don't mind), as they all have great petite sections.
There are less problems with buying tops and dresses, but jeans are a nightmare, and a good pair hard to come by. I was sick of rummaging through racks of jeans and only finding '8R' or '12L' and last but not least '32S', which is fine, but not for me. If the shops listed above are too pricey (I understand, I'm a student) then I have learnt some really nifty tricks whereby you can buy regular (or even long!) length jeans and customise them to fit your tiny body! (For free and by hand!) But I will be posting later on, as there is too much to get through and dinner is ready. Follow Me >>>>> to follow this blog and catch up later on with more Petite Fashion!

Petite Fashion, Bold Statement.

Hi, welcome to Petite Fashion, Big Statement. I'm currently at university and I've been interested in fashion for a good few years now. I was hoping by this stage in life I would have grown. But nope, still the same height I was at 13. This has meant I have been through several painful years trying to find fashion that looks good on me, and is not from kids' stores. In recent times, certain women in the press have been a bit of a blessing to me: Cheryl Cole, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicole Ritchie, because they are all small. I have no idea who they really are and am not here to analyse their lifestyles, the only thing I know is that they dress particularly well, and I want their flair for fashion. These posts in this very blog will hopefully enlighten you as a petite woman. I will start off with broad observations of fashion for petite women and move on to imitating fashion seen on popular, petite women as a basis!